list of book reviews

Sara Ahmed, On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life

Sara Ahmed, The Promise of Happiness

Jane Bennett, The Enchantment of Modern Life: Attachments, Crossings, and Ethics

Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism

Lisa Blackman, Immaterial Bodies: Affect, Embodiment, Mediation

Mel Chen, Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect

Todd Cronan, Against Affective Formalism: Matisse, Bergson, Modernism

Ann Cvetkovich, Depression: A Public Feeling

Ann Cvetkovich, Mixed Feelings: Feminism, Mass Culture, and Victorian Sensationalism

Roderick Ferguson, The Reorder of Things: The University and its Pedagogies of Minority Difference

Steve Goodman, Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear

Judith Halberstam, Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters

Paul Hurh, American Terror: The Feeling of Thinking in Edwards, Poe, and Melville

Anna Hickey-Moody and Peta Malins, Deleuzian Encounters: Studies in Contemporary Social Issues

Anahid Kassabian, Ubiquitous Listening: Affect, Attention, and Distributed Subjectivity

Joddy Murray, Non-discursive Rhetoric: Image and Affect in Multimodal Composition

Sianne Ngai, Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting

Elizabeth Povinelli, The Empire of Love: Toward a Theory of Intimacy, Genealogy, and Carnality

Jasbir Puar, Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times

Donovan Schaefer, Religious Affects: Animality, Evolution, and Power

Eve Sedgwick, The Weather in Proust

Eve Sedgwick, Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity